A short story

Long long ago, there was a king whose wife had delivered a son. He had nothing really different about him, everyone assumed, till he began to speak, and since then they never saw him the same way. For, unlike other kids learning to say ma or baba or any such simple word, he had learnt to say Om.His mother was his only friend, and she was soon to pass away, and she knew that. And so, she went the extra mile to dote on her son, and tried to answer every question that she could, and would smile at those she could not.
One day, her son asked a question that struck her like lightning. Innocently like kids, he asked her, "Ma, have you seen God?"The mother did not know what to say. She was having her last moments, and no one was aware of it. But she just smiled and said, " I have not, but they say that those who really try to reach him through hard penances can see God."
And saying so, she passed away.
Soon the king married again, and in came a hating stepmother, who ill-treated the kid, spared no moment to fill the king's ears with poison. And yet, the kid did not hate his father. Soon, the point came in, when the king was so filled up with his own hollow pride, that he banished the kid from his kingdom. The son knew not what to do, but he remembered what his mother said, and decided to try and meet God.
And so, off he went into the forests, and started his penances.The first word that he had learnt, was his only mantra-that was the only education his mother had given him about spirituality, and so, chanting OM, he started his penances, causing havoc in the heavens. The harder he meditated, the more the heavens and the nether world and the human world felt its tremors.All the gods, and even the trinity came down to ask the kid for anything that he wants. And yet, when he said that he wanted to see God, they were all dumbstruck. So he continued to meditate.
Finally, one day, as he prayed, he heard a voice saying, "You want to see God? I'll show you how God looks like. Open you eyes to find out."
The boy opened his eyes, to see a common man standing in front of him. He could not understand how he could show him how God looked like.
The man, understanding his confusion, then said"I am God, you are God, we are all God, nothing else. God is nowhere to be found but within yourself. That is why it is said,
The boy quietly got up and walked away, his question having been answered.


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