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 And it sets in again This dark creepy feeling That makes me extremely uncomfortable I try and try and try Getting out of this maelstrom This metaphorical sinking Ain't coming to an end any time soon though It's difficult to keep up daily With pretences and facades  Of emotions that are fake through and through And yet, it can't hide that seeking That feeling  Of an inexplicable drowning That the mind witnesses everyday It's a strong current Swimming against it is lethal And yet I'm moving my hands and feet Trying to walk in its depths When there's no hope of even a breath of air Every day is that feeling Tell me, stranger who shares these waters What do you think about my situation? We stand and await the water Filling up our lungs slowly and painfully While our body bloats Of this dreariness that kills me Do you have an inkling? Your silence is answer enough To me, as I stand quietly Waiting for things to happen Hoping for a miracle rather naively For they don