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The Impacts of Ukranian Invasion on China Part III - CCP and the Inherent Weaknesses

Xi Jinping Addressing the Army (Courtesy CNN) While the world watches with baited breath what goes on in Ukraine, from the corner of the eye many would be watching the moves of China. There are several reasons to worry about a similar action being carried out by China on Taiwan. While there is some time for it to happen, judging by the pace at which Project 2049 is being pursued, one can be assured that the time is not right for the Taiwan invasion. However, the activities going on inside China are certainly worth noting as to why China, even though it is not collapsing like the Soviet Union, stands at a precipice of its own making. The inherent structural weaknesses created by decades of bad policy making behind the facade of economic progress are deep rooted today. This implies that China is not necessarily in the best of positions to carry out its plans militarily in particular.  The problem of Little Emperors is well known. Thanks to the one child policy spanning decades, there are