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Secunderabad Diaries

Its humid nowadays; the city is recuperating from the spell of intense heat that had been unleashed on it for a month and a half by the forces of nature, and is slowly limping back to normal. Today, I am all alone in the house, as everybody else has left for their personal work. The only person that I knew out of my office has gone to her home for three weeks, so I am trying to pass time by reading books of all kinds and watching movies and documentaries. I recently came across this documentary called "The Trials of Henry Kissinger", which I highly recommend for all those who claim to be intellectuals. The movie, though a tool for anti-imperialist thugs like the Communists, is an amazing expression of freedom, which I doubt if we shall ever be able to talk so openly about our 'great leaders' in such a critical way as well, even after their death. Meanwhile, Hyderabad finally got a decent place in the form of GVK One at (you guessed it right), Banjara Hills. Its not op


It felt strange for the first time But yet it felt familiar The sound of it was vague to me And yet, somewhere it was similar Similar to that of a thousand starlings in song while I touched the daffodils in bloom And the breeze blowing the hair of my face Impishly playing with it When I sit next to the window in my room The words had a succulent taste to them Made me remember the time I first sucked a Popsicle And the juices playing with my taste buds But it was heavenly like that; maybe more Though you may call me fickle There was a fragrance to the touch, as he Raised my hand, and took it close to his heart Like the fragrance of the first rain drops That evoke such a mesmerizing scent When they kiss the parched terrains. His heart beat was fast, his hands were shivery And yet, there was pleasure in both As he said aloud to me "I love you Marie" And my hands then went cold "How can you play a trick like this?" I screamed "Playing with the emotions of a blind g