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Is Study of Spirituality Stupid(contd.)

Let us now take the case of the spiritual sciences. Even these sciences are based on a lot of assumptions, and I fully say so. But these assumptions, one could argue came from a lot of deep thinking and observation. Take the case of the practice of Rajayoga. In this practice, we say that there are two channels in the spine, called the ida and pingala that tend to channelise the energies flowing in the body. Incidentally, the formation of the spinal cord is such that each vertebra is in the shape of an eight kept sideways. Also, the position of the chakras or centres of spiritual energy are incidentally the same as the various endocrinal glands, except for one that is located in the heart, as was propounded by the philosopher and spiritual scientist Patanjali nearly two and a half thousand years ago. So, to dismiss it entirely would also be a mistake. However, the beauty of any science, be it of the physical or the metaphysical, states a common observation, which disciples of both the

Is Study of Spirituality Stupid?

It is often disputed that spirituality is just a lot of wooly stuff; that all this nonsense about spirit, soul,chakras etc etc is nothing but utter nonsense. But can we really say so? Can it be said that the conventional, physical sciences, as we understand them to be, are really rational?Is the ideology of spiritual sciences illogical and irratonal? Or is there a mistake in the method in which we tend to understand all of it, in the dissociated manner that we tend to do, assuming that there is no connection at all between all of the "knowledge" that we "know" today? Let us all try to discuss that now. First of all, let me start clearly with one fact-that we should learn to neither believe nor disbelieve into anything that is proclaimed, spoken or asserted to be the truth in any discipline of life. It is interesting to see how a lot of scientists today are either absolute atheists or staunch theists-they are never in between. Why then, should we all other people rea

Enough is Enough

I think it is high time that we woke up to the problem of women disappearing in India at such alarming rates. We know what the causes are, but are we making any efforts to stop it? Is not bias against women in-bred in our cultural ethos, which has been completely misunderstood, thanks to a few hardliner fanatics? I request everyone in our country, who may be reading this blog, to please look at these photos and realise where we are going. Ponder over it, and let your conscience decide for you.

The Bludgeoned Face

Tonight The moon peeped out a wee-bit from underneath its veil As I walk down the road My walking stick as company and shadows to tail I now see some black liquid gleaming dull That engulfs my feet, and to my walking stick sticks strange As the stench of death fills the air As I go ahead to inspect the matter fair and square Rotting smells leap into my nose, as I go ahead And I push aside the bramblethorn with my hand, my head in place The weakening streetlight gleams for its last moment To reveal me a horribly bludgeoned face Shocked, I scream loud and run, lost is all feeling of slience and content. I run to the police booth, and tell them about the place And surprised, they follow me where the body lay Shocked, they now lay sealing the place They take my statement, then tell me to walk away For my own good, they say But lost is my good now For how can I forget The night, the moon, the stench in the air? And most importantly How can I forget The bludgeoned face?
An era ends, a new day begins, A chapter ends, and a new book begins, A story ends;another is commenced, A road ends, but a journey begins. At its centre stand I, my eyes closed, In contemplation, encircled in deep suspense, When does it end, when shall it begin? Thus do I think, neither joy nor remorse. What lies ahead with so much in the rear? Is it something that I should fear? Nothing is what it seems after all, Should I hesitate then, and pause my journey here? Who knows what time hides in its cloak, Behind the doors made of silver oak, Which shall open only when i stand, In front of them, and its opening I demand. Tire I shall not, nor fear the unknown, Worry i should not for what is gone and known, I shall just move along ever so happy and say, "Here I come world!All ships ahoy!" Knock shall I down all obstacles, With the weapons of courage and break, OPen the doors that stop me, From moving ahead on my true way. An era ends, a new day begins, A chapter ends, and a new

Dance of the Lord

The flute plays, the drums roll, The dervish dances, lo behold! To acknowledge Your presence, My Love Baring open for all to see his soul. Entranced stand I, as he glides past me, Mesmerized am I, as he whirls around me, His eyes closed, his consciousness has left him, As he moves closer to The One Unknown. His hands bent like a teapot, he rains onto me, This brilliance, this light only I can see, That blinds me, and sends me into a trance, And I begin to whirl around, as I search for Thee. My eyes have gone blind as I now see, Your radiance, Your beauty, Your lack of form, Your vastness, Your minuteness, Your invasiveness, That You lie within all, including the dervish and me. The flute plays, the drums roll, The dervish dances, lo behold! My Love, I acknowledge Your presence As I Bare open for all to see You in my soul.

Introducing myself