Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hyderabad/Secunderabad Diaries

Its a bit of a drag, is it not, when you have not much to do, and a lot of time to spare? My time has lost its preciousness for me. Maybe its because I do not have much to do nowadays. However, never discount this time, as you never know when you might have the opportunity to get it back, to redeem it.
Anyways, I read a book by Jeffrey Archer (finally) titled Kane and Abel, and surprise, surprise!I liked the book. However, it was, in essence, so much like a Hindi movie-so much of masala to read between the lines. However, I still would prefer to avoid reading his work, as I still have not accepted his style of writing. He is a better short story writer, and i would really vouch for that.
By the way, i would be going to Delhi for a few days, though I would not be able to meet my family, as I could not get a shift in the returning schedule. However, I took it in mystride when I got the news- I always follow the policy of no expectations, and that helps me to be very balanced in my life. I am emotional as a person, but this philosophy prevents me from becoming a sentimental fools.

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