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"My lord, why do you bleed thus?" Trembled Loksaaranga, mouth agape He sat there silent, while dawn led to daybreak Frightened, Saaranga looked hither-tither, worries creased on his face Searching for an answer to a happening impossible in this holy space Knowing not what to do, Saaranga cried Till the tears were no more, and his mouth dried Falling into a stupor, he still held himself upright And started to chant Hari's name, his eyes shut firm and tight T'was then that those lamps standing therewent dim Paled by the brilliance of that unseen brilliance of the divine light Lo and behold! Hari stood firm and tall in front of him The scar on his forehead was still bleeding, the blood shining bright "Who was that poor soul that you hit with that stone?" He remonstrated "Know not what he means to me? How could you cast this sin on him?" "My Dear Hari, i know not who he is, what he means to you!" Cried Saaranga, scared in th