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Dharma Dawns After a Long Night

Credit: India Today The narrative battle has been lost by the privileged few. That is the message that India's elections show as the results pour in. The power of communicating directly with the people, filtering out power brokers, media barons and crony capitalists has shown that Narendra Modi and his team not only understand the power of communication, they also read the pulse of the people extremely well, barring a few blips that came here and there. Most people still read the moorings of Modi wrongly. He's not a leader that has been parachuted after stints in foreign lands in anonymity. Here is rather a man who has traveled in ignominy across the length and breadth of this country in trying conditions, exploring its various facets and built a connect with the pulse of this nation. He's positioned himself, and perhaps rightly, as the voice of a civilization that has long been asleep, and has started to stir in its awakening, uttering its first words like the war

Podcast - Confusion about Hindu Polity

Listen to Confusion about Hindu polity by HoldsASharpPen on #SoundCloud