Friday, April 27, 2012

The Path

The soul is a wanderer
Why weep for its loneliness?
Free yourself from the bonds of life
Such that nothing then affects

Were you born with something in your hands
That you seek to hold on to?
Raise yourself past the six limitations
And then on your senses you can hold onto

Know that this too shall pass
Permanency of the world is a myth
Delve deep into the depths of the soul
And you will find the absolute truth

Tread the lands as if walking on water
Be in this world but not of it
See everything to be equal, but judge nothing
Identify what is the crux of this world, the gist

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

एक नदी थी बेतवा

एक नदी थी बेतवा
एक शहर था ओरछा
समय ने जिन्हें आँचल में ढांप लिया
और ढांप के जिन्हें वो भूल गया
हरबोलों चन्देलों की वीरभूमि
पतझड़ जंगलों के बीच कहीं गुम गयी
राम भूमि जिससे याद है वो इतिहास
पर इस भाग्य का फेर देख लेता बस एक आस
खजूरों की नगरी खजुराहो
जहां कर्णावती नदी धीमे धीमे चलती है 
सैलानी यहाँ दीखते अनेकों
मंदिरों की वासना मई मूर्तिकारी देखते सभी
भूल गए सब चंदेलों को

Monday, April 2, 2012

Food Security - All that is wrong with our polity.

I was talking to a friend of mine, who has been working in the public health sector to understand a report recently brought out by the Public Health Foundation of India about rising non communicable diseases, especially those brought in by trans fats. She explained patiently (contrary to her nature of blowing the fuse off with dimwits like me) why people are already malnutritioned and stunted due to lack of vitamins and nutrients by the time they are able to earn and how they are interested in getting 'tasty' fatty food with their incomes, which translates into exposure to huge amounts of trans fats. This led me to ask her the question then - why is the food security bill so hamstrung with carbohydrate exposure when people need more of the other essential nutrients?
Well, her answer was clear and concise. The food security bill is a monstrosity that is going to be shoved down people's food, which is not going to do anything different from what the aid agencies are already doing in India. All we will achieve, I concluded, was another spate of taxes and retrospective taxation schemes to fund these idiosyncrasies. And this stems from a particular problem. Our political class loves to portray itself as pro-poor. Ironically no one calls themselves as pro-people. There are vested interests, as Tavleen Singh repeatedly points out, in keeping people poor, for they are desperate, and desperate people do not ask questions.
Long live populism; long live Indian democracy.

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