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Hyderabad/Secunderabad Diaries

So, here I am, trying to write something in the name of a blog, when there is really nothing in my mind that I have that i could express. What is it that makes me do so, I do not know; yet, I feel compelled today to let the emptiness of my mind out into the vastness of the cyber world. Anyways, life is moving at a brisk pace in Hyderabad/Secunderabad. I have actually lost all sense of time and day at work; but a colleague of mine said it is normal, so I have reasons of not being afraid. Life is moving forward. I got a roommate, who I should mention, is a lot of fun to hang out with. He's always got some antic up his sleeve. At least I do not get bored due to the loneliness that was there otherwise in this house that I stay in. Its strange, but I get to talk my heart out. Truly, solitary confinement is the worst punishment that any human being can be meted out. Hope to write something good real soon.

The Lost Battle

I feel so strange As I walk past Your grave, that reminds me Of our turbulent past Of how we fought , how we cried Of how we laughed, and how we lied Of all that has been tested and tried In relationships that eventually died Of how we loved, and how we fought And yet after that each other we sought And make up for the heartbreaks we suffered And the misery that on each other we brought And yet, we never said "I love you" "Do you love me too, hon?" Nor we expected anything out of our lives When we'd walk in the field of daffodils Under the bounty of the golden sun And yet, who knew it wasn't to last The manner in which I blasted past The doors without knowing why You hid from me, and spoke all those lies Till the next day, I got a call When I was told, that you were gone As the phone fell out of my hand And I collapsed within, while my heart sank You died of something, I never knew what But I knew one thing-that you are gone And t


I was still reeling from the after effects of watching the great disaster " Tashan ", and thought nothing could match in terms of utter stupidity and nonsense value, but I had underestimated a woman who goes by the name of Ekta Kapoor . Well, yesterday i had seen an episode of the new mental assault launched by her that goes by the name of " Kahaani Hamaarey Mahabharat Ki" (yeah, she did not spare even that!), and by God, did i regret my decision to check it out! I have yet to see something as hysterical as this, and could not believe my eyes when I saw how people were flying about in the action sequences. The serial looks like a bad mish -mash patch up work, a grotesque mixture of "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" and "300" to say the least. And please, can she not make her directors to get the poor actors to act properly? I mean nothing about them seemed good-their body language, their diction, their dialogue delivery, their expressions-all
A king was once very powerful, and his court wasfamous for being a collection of the wisest men on the whole of this earth. Such was his might that everyone would look at him in respect and awe.One day, a saint passed by his court, and without asking, the king invited him, exhibiting his power and might to the saint. The saint simply smiled, and when he was leaving, wrote something on a chit of paper, and handed it over to the king. "Read it," he said, "when you have nowhere else to go. This is all I have to offer to you." Saying so, he left. A few years hence, bad times fell on the kingdom. Enemies ran over it, and the king was pushed out into ignonimity and despair. In vain he wandered about in the jungles, as he thought of what went wrong with him, and how could his luck run out on him like this. It was then that he realised that he still had that chit of paper with him, and remembered the advice he had received .Excited, he opened up the chit, which read thus,

A short story

Long long ago, there was a king whose wife had delivered a son. He had nothing really different about him, everyone assumed, till he began to speak, and since then they never saw him the same way. For, unlike other kids learning to say ma or baba or any such simple word, he had learnt to say Om.His mother was his only friend, and she was soon to pass away, and she knew that. And so, she went the extra mile to dote on her son, and tried to answer every question that she could, and would smile at those she could not. One day, her son asked a question that struck her like lightning. Innocently like kids, he asked her, "Ma, have you seen God?"The mother did not know what to say. She was having her last moments, and no one was aware of it. But she just smiled and said, " I have not, but they say that those who really try to reach him through hard penances can see God." And saying so, she passed away. Soon the king married again, and in came a hating stepmother, who ill-t

Hyderabad/Secunderabad Diaries

Its a bit of a drag, is it not, when you have not much to do, and a lot of time to spare? My time has lost its preciousness for me. Maybe its because I do not have much to do nowadays. However, never discount this time, as you never know when you might have the opportunity to get it back, to redeem it. Anyways, I read a book by Jeffrey Archer (finally) titled Kane and Abel, and surprise, surprise!I liked the book. However, it was, in essence, so much like a Hindi movie-so much of masala to read between the lines. However, I still would prefer to avoid reading his work, as I still have not accepted his style of writing. He is a better short story writer, and i would really vouch for that. By the way, i would be going to Delhi for a few days, though I would not be able to meet my family, as I could not get a shift in the returning schedule. However, I took it in mystride when I got the news- I always follow the policy of no expectations, and that helps me to be very balanced in my life.