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Hindu Decline, Not Rejuvenation, Lies in Creating a Nation of Minorities

Gudi Pawda Procession (Courtesy: Times of India) R Jagannathan’s take on the idea of dissolving ‘inward looking Hindu varna-jati’ set up in order to create a million minorities for the larger benefit of Hinduism is an idea that seems to be getting traction, especially in the light of decisions pushed under the acutely problematic Right to Education Act. There is this belief that this will enable Hindus to probably survive the onslaught of Abrahamism inspired secular state. However, this argument is problematic at several levels, and often does not seem to take cognizance of history completely, while also suggesting that exploitation of loopholes in the current legal set up will allow Hindus to practice their traditions. However, these assumptions do not hold water when examined against the current set up, which we shall discuss. Overcoming the Caste Barriers - Dharma Has Always Been Fighting the Issue Caste barriers, caste and casteism are three distinct threads that often get co