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I Got Left Behind

And while I stood waiting, the world walked past me And I got left behind While everyone ran around and chased their dreams My dreams got blurred in my own teary eyes While I kept looking around me, trying to make sense of my life The world moved away, its giant strides crushing, unkind And I looked across, straining my neck To see what was left of the world's grind It was a lonesome scene, standing alone While the world walked past me, leaving me behind

Muji Chetein....a finger-lickin' appetizer

Some time since I put in a recipe. For all those who love to eat chutneys and sauces on the side, and who also love yoghurt, this is a great idea. Muji Chetein ( muli chutney in Hindi or radish chutney) is a common side chutney popular amongst Kashmiri Pandit.   What you need are the following: 1 white radish - grated 1/2 tsp red chilli powder 1 tsp caraway seeds (shahjeera) 3/4 tsp salt 400 gm yoghurt 1/2 tsp sugar Simply mix in the ingredients and serve spoonfuls with rice or chapatis . It goes well even with paranthas and makki di rotis . Believe me, its worth a while.

The Butterfly - A Science Fiction Rendition

Brahma was furious. He had fired his fierce crystallizer towards the rotten creature, and yet his anger towards the thing that dared to enter his garden and make it look ugly. And yet, even after he had crystallized it, he was angry. It was a strange set of events that had led him to be so furious as to throw weapons in his very own garden. Brahma was fond of gardening. He took pride in the beauty of the various flowers that he, the Creator, had created from the elements of nature; those very elements that he had created by moulding the various molecules and atoms that were moving about without any purpose in this universe. Now, what is Brahma, or who is Brahma, you may ask. Brahma was the force, the matter behind everything, the Higgs Boson itself. It was powerful enough to create everything out of itself, by stripping itself to create molecules so that he could re-engineer them to create new entities. And it was thus that he had created the earth, the water flowing on it, the soil