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Indians Have to Stop Their Obsession with Pakistan

Many Indians Are Still Obsessed with Pakistan (Picture Credit: India TV News) There was unnecessary coverage earlier this week on the visit of Imran Khan, the purported Prime Minister of Pakistan, to the United States of America. The snub given by Donald Trump, whereby no senior officials welcomed Mr. Khan and the casual low level audience eventually granted by Mr. Trump was taken over the top by many of our media personnel, though the reaction was seen from varying perspectives. While a nationalist bunch has clearly been crowing victory as a vindication of India's position, another set has again said that Mr. Khan should be given a chance by India, given the fact that he is literally the proxy for the Gernails of Pakistan Armed forces, and the power center lies in the GHQ Rawalpindi. Frankly, either kind of coverage has been a big bore to watch, let alone the extremities about the coverage. It has been bordering on the ridiculous to see people engaging in shouting matches o