A king was once very powerful, and his court wasfamous for being a collection of the wisest men on the whole of this earth. Such was his might that everyone would look at him in respect and awe.One day, a saint passed by his court, and without asking, the king invited him, exhibiting his power and might to the saint. The saint simply smiled, and when he was leaving, wrote something on a chit of paper, and handed it over to the king.
"Read it," he said, "when you have nowhere else to go. This is all I have to offer to you."
Saying so, he left.
A few years hence, bad times fell on the kingdom. Enemies ran over it, and the king was pushed out into ignonimity and despair. In vain he wandered about in the jungles, as he thought of what went wrong with him, and how could his luck run out on him like this. It was then that he realised that he still had that chit of paper with him, and remembered the advice he had received.Excited, he opened up the chit, which read thus,"O king!When you showed me your splendour, I realised it instantly that your fall was near, and yet and I refrained from saying the same to you. I, however, would advise you to not lose hope, and try harder and harder than ever before. man does not recognize his own limits, and so he underestimates his own self."
"Persevere to get back what rightfully belongs to you.When those days of glory did not last forever, how can these days of despair?"
The king was dumbstruck, but a new hope rekindled within him. Soon, he gained back his strength and within the blink of an eye, he got back all that he owned. And his glory grew even more, not for what he was, but for what he gained that day-peace of mind, humility and above all, an understanding of what life truly is about.


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