The Lost Battle

I feel so strange
As I walk past
Your grave, that reminds me
Of our turbulent past
Of how we fought , how we cried
Of how we laughed, and how we lied
Of all that has been tested and tried
In relationships that eventually died
Of how we loved, and how we fought
And yet after that each other we sought
And make up for the heartbreaks we suffered
And the misery that on each other we brought
And yet, we never said "I love you"
"Do you love me too, hon?"
Nor we expected anything out of our lives
When we'd walk in the field of daffodils
Under the bounty of the golden sun
And yet, who knew it wasn't to last
The manner in which I blasted past
The doors without knowing why
You hid from me, and spoke all those lies
Till the next day, I got a call
When I was told, that you were gone
As the phone fell out of my hand
And I collapsed within, while my heart sank
You died of something, I never knew what
But I knew one thing-that you are gone
And tears rolled down my eyes, as I
Placed the daffodils from the field for which you longed
And I then walk away, wishing not to see
What the epitaph said, as the rain falls
Its a year now, but I am lost
What has happened, what went wrong?
Why was I so headstrong?
But for my own sins I had to pay someday
And perhaps for atonement there couldn't have been a better way
Than to see the one true love of my life fade away
While I have only for company
My agony, my anger and my lonely days


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