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Six Things to Watch Out for This Election

Source: Totem India Election News 2014 Yes, it's election time 2014. The general elections, coupled with several states like Maharashtra, Seemandhra and Telangana are headed to the polls. While everyone is busy slugging it out, there are several key factors that may be missed out by several people. After all, in the quest for numbers, several people forget that elections are as much about chemistry - with the voters and with the allies apart from the media blitzkreig that serves as propaganda and watchman at the same time. I put forward six things which in my opinion need to be kept an eye on: 1. Decimation of the Left Front - The Left has been one solid unit until now, with the Revolutionary Socialist Party and the Forward Bloc crying foul and leaving the coalition angrily. This will translate into major headaches for the CPI and CPI(M) in particular, since the vote share of this block ensured that they always had respectable number of seats as a combine, in addition to ser