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How The Scientific Community's Behavior Regarding the COVID Pandemic Has Harmed Trust in Science

Source: Wikimedia Commons The consensual comity of scientists have failed the world on the COVID pandemic, and the strike down is not on just one count alone. Why do I say so, many would ask? Just look at all the evidence piling up since last year, finally being accepted with great reluctance regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, the world, driven by its science based policy making systems, has been forced to accept the possibility of a laboratory leakage. This, when there has always been evidence to suggest that the COVID-19 virus pandemic was likely triggered by a leakage from a virology lab in China, where it was perhaps being studied. Accidental or not, what is certainly known to us is that the global comity of scientists has shamed itself by covering up through herd consensus and attempting to discredit alternative views, and raises serious questions on how the public can believe them anymore. What is even more problematic is the fact that ‘gain of function’ research has been