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Call of the Hills - A humble attempt at telling the story of my people

I find it weird that I want to be a writer and yet shy away from putting up my own writing works for promotion. Going for self e-publishing in some ways was an easy escape from the nervous wrecking that rejection possibly could have created within me. However, I wonder sometimes if I am even worthy to be a writer. Besides, what constitutes good writing? I never had an answer to that question. So long as I could feel connected to a book, I felt it was good. Anyhow, I had sometime back released an eBook version of a short novel I had written. I had intended in some ways to tell the story of the hill people in some ways through a paradigm of fiction and realism, with elements that some may find problematic at best and exotic rubbish at worst. However, in more ways than one it was an attempt to reconnect with my own ancestry, understanding where I come from, where my parents come from. Call of the Hills was a tribute to many people I have known over years and loved, and I thought that