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Friday Election Musings

Catch me now on SoundCloud as well. I put up my thoughts today on election trends and weigh in my thoughts. Listen to Friday Election Musings by HoldsASharpPen #np on #SoundCloud

Intellectualism - India's Longest Running Ponzi Scheme

Some time back, I was sitting in a posh, upscale restaurant in South Delhi, when I noted that one of India’s leading ‘intellectuals’, Arundhati Roy, had stepped in with a friend, and ordered perhaps one of the priciest things on the restaurant’s menu. It was quite interesting to note that she did not step out even once, given her bleeding heart for the poor and disadvantaged of India, to even share a part of that meal with a slew of beggars that walked around the market, let alone invite one of them to dine with her and her friend. Her friend too was evidently one of those white people tasked with searching poverty and atrocity stories in India – it was, as they say in the ‘cowbelt’ of India, a truly Ram Milayi Jodi.  Cut to a few months back. I was dining, thanks to familiar people, with the head of one of India’s premier think tanks. All I heard was that Modi had destroyed India’s inclusive fabric, and the grave tone adopted by him and his wife seemed to suggest that lynch mobs we