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Khaadi Ki Poornima

खाड़ी कि पूर्णिमा आज नयनों से ओझल है यूँ तो सदैव ही आकर देख जाती थी मुझे पर आज वो अदृश्य है पूर्णिमा मेघ का घूंघट आज जाने क्यों पहन बैठी है कौन प्रीतम है जिससे वो यूं स्वयं को छुपाये  बैठी है सागर का जल भी आज काली चादर ओढ़े सो गया है ये कैसी विडम्बना है कवी की ये कौन सी अबूझ  पहेली है अंधकार में देखूं तो सब कुछ भावहीन, रंगहीन है स्वप्न भाँति यह मरीचिका सा पल स्मृति में क्यों अंकुरित है खाड़ी कि पूर्णिमा आज नयनों से ओझल है

The Delusion of Aam Aadmi Party

तुझसे पहले वो जो एक शख्स यहाँ तख्तनशीं था  उसको भी अपने ख़ुदा होने पे इतना ही यकीन था Roughly tanslated, this couplet in Urdu would implore the ruler that the one before him had the same grand delusions about himself . Arvind Kejriwal's full circle by Sudhir Tailang So, the 48 day drama has come to an end. Here was a Chief Minister who was found everywhere but in his office. Much like the principal character of Sanskrit one-act play  Duta-Vakyam by Bhaasa, Sri Krishna, Arvind Kejriwal could he seen here, there everywhere. Only he wasn't interested in issuing any paeans for peace. Instead, sowing the seeds of fiscal impropriety and upholding the unbelievable, he and his party just wrecked havoc in Delhi much like the Communists did in Kerala and West Bengal's early years of dalliance with them. Money that was meant to be given to the municipal bodies for their functioning was diverted towards BSES to 'provide subsidy' on electricity tariffs . Did the