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India Shows Magnanimity While Pakistan Government Chooses to Abandon Them in Wuhan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has always exhibited a humanitarian side to its pragmatic foreign policy. While emerging as a global player, India continues to help countries in times of emergency and concern, be it Nepal, Sri Lanka or the recent case of Madagascar. The humanitarian effort does not stop there though – India has not offered to evacuate Pakistani students stuck in Wuhan, China, due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson Raveesh Kumar told the media that India will consider evacuating Pakistani students if Pakistan PM Imran Khan-led government's requests for the same. "No such request has been received by us from the government of Pakistan. But if such a situation arises and keeping in mind the resources available, we can look into it," he said. PAKISTAN CHOOSES TO ABANDON ITS CITIZENS It comes at a time when Pakistan’s government had refused to airlift st

A Few Statistics to Put The Economy in Perspective

INDICATOR UPA Era Statistics NDA Era Statistics Consumer Price Index (NS) growth average Also see: (CSO) 10.4% (2009-14) 4.3% (2014 to 2019-20) Forex reserves (US$ billion/₹ billion) 312 / 18,324 (23 May 2014) 419 / 29,240 (31 May 2019) S&P BSE Sensex 22,344 (8 May 2014) 38,564 (1 May 2019) Private FDI Equity Inflows (US$ billion) (calendar year basis) 177 (2006-2013) 237 (2014-Sept 2019) GDP in whole numbers (₹ crore) 1,05,27,674 (2014-15) 14077586 (2018-19) New firm registration growth rate 3.8 % (2006-2014) 12.2% (2014-2018) NPA recovery ₹35,000 crore ₹70,000 crore A reality check for all those who think the economy is slow. By the way, 8 year overall high on manufacturing and services, 3 consecutive months of ₹1,00,000 crore plus GST collection