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तेरे नाम को उँगली से लिखता रहा क्या दिन क्या रात क्या लम्हा कुछ भी ज़हन में न रहा बारम्बार बस लिखता रहा स्याह कलम और कागज़ का रूहानी संगम बस ख़ामोश बैठ मैं तकता रहा अपनी मोहब्बत की बेहिसी  को बस यूं समझ कोसता रहा चश्म-ए-नम को खूं से सीन्चता रहा ख़ल्क-ए-ख्यालों के तबस्सुम बस यूं ही उजड़ते देखता रहा और उल्फतों को सीने बांधता रहा असासे-दीन को बेच कर कुफ्र को पनाह देता रहा बस, अपनी दुनिया लुटाता रहा 

Seemandhra on 'Seema' - Why There is a Cycle of Violence

I just don't get it. Or perhaps I am so pissed off by political and regional violence that I have nothing but utter contempt for it. Perhaps I fall in the latter category. I do not think very highly of most so called 'unity' movements to be honest. I am also usually indifferent to the formation of new states. Maybe it's my 'Delhi-centric', blinkered approach to blame. Or perhaps living in Hyderabad for more than a year taught me a few lessons that make me really contemptuous of the current political fiasco in Seemandhra region. Ever wondered why despite being a smaller region than Telangana, Aandhra predominantly gave the state of Andhra Pradesh it's Chief Ministers? This, when there were less seats in the state legislative assembly? The mantle for a brief while shifted to the Rayalaseema region (Naidu, YSR), but more or less the crown remained in the Andhra region. Jobs were dominated by the people from Andhra region, and this is an obvious fact when y