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The Impacts of Ukrainian Invasion on China Part I - Soviet on the Outside, Qing on the Inside

With the recent invasion of Ukraine undertaken by Russia, one spot of foreign policy challenges that the world needs to still wake up to is China. There are a large number of reasons why Russia has significance for China, and it is not merely about economy or increasing global isolation. Soviet Union, modern Russia's precursor, was an ideological inspiration and mentor of the Chinese Communist Party till the death of Joseph Stalin, following which they parted ways. Of course, even after the Soviet collapse, there continues to be interest in Russian affairs in a variety of ways. A 1949 Poster Hailing the Sino-Soviet Peace and Friendship Treaty. The Putonghua reads as follows: "The Sino-Soviet Alliance for Friendship and Mutual Assistance promotes enduring world peace" This is the first part of a multi-part series as to why the latest Russian - Ukrainian challenge carries multiple implications for China. PART I -   SOVIET ON THE OUTSIDE, QING ON THE INSIDE – MAKING SENSE O