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तेरे शौर्य की है ऐसी गाथा तेरे सौंदर्य पर वो भारी पड़ी तेरी चिता की राख की गर्माहट ज्वाला से भी बहुत अधिक रही करें कोटि प्रयत्न चंद तुच्छ मनुष्य तेरी छवि को आज मिटाने की पद्मावती, तू बस एक रानी नहीं जीवन पर्यन्त तू अमर हुई। तेरे हुकम रावल रतन की आँख का तारा केवल तू नहीं रही तू दूर आकाश में ध्रुव तारे सी जग में यूँ तू ज्ञात हुई तेरी वीरता से ख़िलजी थर्राया तू वीरांगना श्रेष्ठ कुछ यूँ हुई तू बस एक सुंदर रानी नहीं मेवाड़ का अनमोल इक रतन हुई। वो छल पारंगत क्रूर आक्रांता जिससे बन लोहा तू भिड़ ही गई तेरे प्राप्ति के हर संभव प्रयास को तू आँधी बन छिन्बिन करती रही तू बन चरित्र परिभाषा नई हर पथ को प्रतिष्ठित करती चली तू बन सिंहनी कर चली जौहड़ बनी आत्मसम्मान की नई गिरि मरुथल में खिलते नहीं हैं पुष्प तू बात असत्य कुछ यूँ कर गई इतिहास स्वयं साक्षी था वहाँ स्वयं धर्म बना तेरा अनुयायी तेरी स्मृति महक रही आज भी है तू भारत की ऐसी वीर हुई। पद्मावती, तू बस एक रानी नहीं जीवन पर्यन्त तू अमर हुई।

The Lost Story of Bihar's Industrialization

Today, this tweet came up to my knowledge, as I was walking through on the top trends on Twitter for a brief glance. What caught my eye was the image that was inserted in the tweet. Contrary to perceptions about Bihar being some agricultural rustic land, one saw some big plants having been named in the list. The tweet had an angry tone, and was asking that people are wanting to re-develop Bihar's industries so that the migrant labourers do not have to ever leave their state again. Ironically, while this topic rages on among the tweeters of Bihari origin, the topic seems to have hit a stonewall of silence, as if no one wants to talk about the story behind these pictures. Migrants are not able to get work within Bihar has always been a major driver of the migrant exodus from the state. In 2015, when there were state elections, there was a detailed discussion after perhaps several decades in the news media about ind

COVID Relief Package - What Other Countries Have Done

Courtesy: The Hindu COVID-19 has impacted economies across the world, forcing people to seek government assistance in times of desperation. India already announced the PM Garib Kalyan Package and there are talks of a package to help the besieged Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector. Reserved Bank of India (RBI) too has announced a host of measures along with Ministry of Finance to ease compliance issues and infuse liquidity in the hands of the people to tide over the crisis.  Interestingly in India, a debate has also started on the very need of a stimulus package given its potential impact on fiscal credit, led by Ila Patnaik and Haseeb Drabu. This section is advocating that instead of fiscal package, states should rather be allowed to raise funds on their own, an ability they lost with the implementation of the GST. While the Indian government is working towards resolving the economic and human crisis in the most appropriate manner, we take a look at other

Seva and Karma – The Dual Helix of Causality and the Mandate to Engage

It is interesting to observe the idea of seva or service in the Indic darsanas. Whatever be the outlook towards life, the importance to service of others is given a lot of importance. This definitely arises from the intertwined helical relationship between karma and seva. A succinct example of the depth of embedding of seva in the philosophy of karma can be be found in the Srivaishnava sampradaya’s understanding of the Advaita marga as put out first by reformer saint Sri Ramanujacharya, who lived in the 12 th century AD. As Mohan Sagar had elaborated in his short piece on Ramanujacharya’s darsana [1] highlights some important facts: ·     Each and every aatma or soul in a crude translation is in its essential nature, its svarUpam, a simple receptacle to the Lord's Grace, and a humble instrument to His Good. This nature of servitude is not only limited to the soul, but is indeed the nature of matter, as well. ·       Consequently, the Lord is likened to the Soul