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You who seek salvation Will That come to you? No It won't heed your call Till you look inside of you Let not that hatred, that sorrow Bind you down to this rue Key not that anger, that jealousy Darken your vision and block your view Free your self in this moment now The world will have a different hue Open those eyes to the Invisible, for how Shall you drink that sight, that Immortal Brew? Reach out within, embrace thyself Then will you be your own Rise shall you from those ashes Like a phoenix doors, all new So what if few can get there Why should that stop you? That is what you truly yearn Act not like a shrew Joy comes to those who are brave Fear not what you not knew Let the light of love flow bright And truly free from this world Shall be you.

Fish Curry Recipe

There are so many fish curry recipes that keep floating around that one can get boggled very easily. However, cooking fish curry, as I have belatedly realized, is a very simple process. You do not even need very complicated methods or novel ingredients not seen otherwise, and any one who can cook daal can cook this fish curry too. This is a spin-off from the traditional rural fish curries of East and North East. The closest that comes to it is Assam's Masor Tenga , and it is a particular reference from my side if you wish not to try this particular recipe and go for the original instead. Ingredients: 4 medium sized fillets of fish Oil - I don't buy mustard oil in Hong Kong, and use olive oil instead. But stick to mustard oil if you can do that - about 1.5 tbsp. Even ghee will work 3 targe tomatoes chopped/pureed. I prefer a bit of the peel to be present in the fish for a more rustic feel 1 medium onion chopped fine or pasted 2 tsp of Ginger and garlic paste or finely

Power Decentralization Within Society - Could It Have Saved Andhra Pradesh?

The new states - Telangana and Rayalaseema (Courtesy: The Hindu) I watched a fascinating television feature done by NDTV's Hyderabad resident Journalist Uma Sudhir. Her husband, T S Sudhir, and her have covered Andhra Pradesh and parts of Karnataka in a fascinating manner as TV journalists for NDTV and other channels over the past two decades (pity that such journalists don't become stars, while those lobbying in Delhi for parties do). The show clearly highlighted the churning of the caste-religion cauldron in the new states of Telangana and Seemandhra as it heads towards polls for their respective assemblies and the Lok Sabha polls simultaneously. What fascinated me was the reminder that both regions have seen a domination of the Kammas and Reddy castes in Andhra politics for ages now, even though they constitute merely 10-20% of the total population. This isolation of Backward Classes (BCs), Scheduled Castes (SCs) and Scheduled Tribes (STs), and minorities to an extent,