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The Impacts of Ukranian Invasion on China Part II - CCP's Reaction to the Invasion

Poster hailing the friendship of the Soviet and Chinese People Two items in the past twenty four hours cycle featured on the Global Times present an interesting picture, in parts and in whole.  The first item that Global Times put out is the news story, Russia 'ready to talk' after militarily paralyzing Ukraine within hours. On reading through the article, one notices a typical pattern to the reporting line pursued. While the story tends to put the Chinese people at the centre of the story in multiple ways, the interpretation of the 'demilitarization' that was called upon by Russia's Vladimir Putin speaks for itself: "Demilitarize" could be understood to be putting down arms and surrendering, which can also be understood as incapacitating the opponent and rendering them unable to form a threat in a broader sense, Song Zhongping, a Chinese military expert and TV commentator, told the Global Times on Thursday. Moreover, they carried the Russian version of th