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मोहे नैनन प्यास बुझायो रे तू बरसाना रंग आयो रे तेरे श्याम रंग से धुला आकास मुझे हरि रंग नहलायो रे तेरे प्रेम की आस में भटक रही बन कान्हा पग पग बिलक रही तू मिलन भक्त से आयो रे मुझे हरि रंग नहलायो रे हैं पीत वस्त्र और मोर मुकुट नथ में कुण्डल तू डारियो रे कर में कंकण सोने के झलक कस्तूरी तिलक तू धारयो रे कुण्डल मोती और केश घने अंखियन जोति और ब्रह्मतेज बेणु तू मुख से लगायो रे मुझे हरि रंग नहलायो रे बाजे ताशे और ढोल मृदंग पखवाज की लय, मचे हुड़दंग टोली बृंदावनी आयो रे मुझे हरि रंग नहलायो रे है अमिट प्रीत, अनंत प्रसंग राधा-रमणा हो हरि का रंग मुझ गोपी को तू सतायो रे मुझे हरि रंग नहलायो रे बरसे हैं पुष्प के अनंत रंग स्वर्णिम श्याम, जमुना तरंग धीमी गति बह वो देख प्रसंग कजरी नैना में समायो रे गोकुल संग न रही अब सुध बुद्ग और रास रचाय वो मंत्रमुग्ध जन्मों की प्यास बुझायो रे मुझे हरि रंग नहलायो रे

Is There Evidence of an Indic Nationalism?

courtesy: WIkimedia Commons   उत्तरं यत्समुद्रस्य हिमाद्रेश्चैव दक्षिणम् । वर्षं तद् भारतं नाम भारती यत्र संततिः ।। "The country (varṣam) that lies north of the ocean and south of the snowy mountains is called Bhāratam; there dwell the descendants of Bharata." —Vishnu Purana A lot of energy has been expended of late to understand what nationalism means to various people. The problem however has been addressed in a narrow, restricted manner. The definitions employed in the whole debate thus far are of a western construct. As Rabindranath Tagore wonderfully explained it in his pamphlet Nationalism, the construct used rests entirely on a concept of nation that is dominated by economy and polity only. It is a social contract amongst people based on these two pillars, and is validated by the principle of symbols representing this contract. Much of these contracts are a result of reactionary movements that seek to react to the actions of the Church that has long interfe

The Next Move

Two steps have been taken One more to take Bringing down the empire There lies the big stake Hints are strewn across the board What the next step may be Few clues come up repeatedly Discerned those who be Will the leader's scribbles come alive Will it cause mayhem Will it reveal the Moriarty That controls the white piece? Will it be the King's checkmate That shall be the downfall The players and pawns get exposed Will the empire's fractures come to fore? Will it be the scribe's musings Which shall swallow its creators And draw them in a maelstrom That sucks in like a blackhole? The answer is in the hands of the player Sitting quietly on the other side Stay, observe, chat, pray tell me What the next move could be