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The Problem of Pretentious Right Wingers

Of late, we have been seeing too many pretentious right wingers, who are essentially liberal wolves in the proverbial sheepskin, running around in awe of Dr B R Ambedkar. The group has no qualms in also placing him on a pedestal, claiming him to be the real father of modern India. This kind of fawning is utterly pretentious, completely devoid of facts, and misses out or ignores several inconvenient facts about the times, his political leadership and calculative decision making, and instead credits him with much more than is necessary. There are quite a few examples that could be highlighted about the role Dr Ambedkar truly played pre-1947, between 1947-50 and in the later periods. Suffice to say though that he was the last person who could be trusted, given his ever shifting stand on several topics. We may quote Ambedkar on his thoughts and views about Muslims, but he had openly advocated the partition of India, saying Indians would be better off without Muslims, utterly disregarding