Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sometimes people tend to have a lot of hatred pent up within them for no reason at all. This anger is spewed out in the form of venom that is vitriolic in tone and razor sharp like a Sabre, having enough potential to hurt people who read about themselves on the so-called public forums of expression. To be honest with you, even I tend to get angry with a lot of people. But should we all be spreading the poison in this manner? Myth tells the story of how Lord Shiva drank the poison Halahala to save the entire world from its danger, and yet he remains perhaps the purest of figures that can be imagined in the whole of the Hindu god pantheon. Anger is a poison which can only lead to nothing but death and destruction, and it is always best to drink it up-you'll realize that it tastes bitter to you as well. If you cannot drink the poison and spew it out instead, earn to apologize for it then; if you fell, however proud of what you did, then my friend, you really need some psychological help, to say the least!!!!!!!

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