In a new city, a new life has begun. A life without any family, with friends left far, far behind. And yet, there seems to be no sense of sadness or grief within me-only a void emotion comes up on digging deep within my own self. Why is it so? Am I an emotionless creature? Or is it that I am too practical to enjoy life?
Hyderabad/Secunderabad is a strange city. The phrase oft quoted in a movie of M F Hussain suits it brilliantly, which says that
सब लोग चल रहे हैं, दुनिया यहीं खड़ी है
Which, roughly translated, would mean that the world is still; its the people who are in constant motion.
The city has a strange sense of direection to it. I often feel lost in the endless number of people walkin around me, all with a sense o fpurpose, while I have nothing on my mind except that I need to reach work on time. So many people, so many hues and colours to them; and yet, to me it seems a dimly lit city when one sees it from the prism of the rainbow's colours. Everybody is in monochromes-I never see ariot of clours or haapy faces in this city. Is it because under its currents lies an anger, or a frustration, or a deep sadness over the loss of its original character? Its hard to say anything.


rockbrainbuster said…
Hmm.. hyderabad seems haunting u. But i feel it is not as solitary as the Qutb shahi tombs standing clueless as millions of ppl visit it but still it has no one to call its own.. ironical isn't it?
Anyways, the lighter side of it, biryani and south indian food is available aplenty and one can enjoy a good stroll at night..
Indeed as DCEites say "College jitna bekaar kyun na ho, kambakht jaane pe badi yaad aati hai"
We all are missing u too here back in delhi

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