You want to be successful?

Life can be so complicated; no one can even try to fathom what it stores in its depths. The sands of time keep flowing down the hourglass’ neck, and yet we all try to hang on to each grain of it, as if that grain itself is going to take us into the eternal finality of the moment that was. But is there anything that ever was, or will be? There is only that which is manifest in front of us, that which we refer to us as our present. This is the moment; this holds the key to everything that we comprehend of time in typically human ways-past, present ad the future, or whatever you wish to call it.
Let your action be guided by what the soul desires, not by what the possible outcome is going to be. Be yourself; don’t think yourself out, or pretend to be ‘normal’-go natural boss. Even if there could be a predictor that could gives 99.9% accuracy, never listen to it-there will still always exist that 0.1% possibility of the prediction to go wrong. I read tarot, and yet tell all the questioners to take all that I say with a pinch of salt. If it turns true, good for them-at least they would not be surprised by the outcome. If it turns wrong; they would not have anyone to blame, not even themselves. Blaming and finding excuses is the worst possible way to deal with whatever minor setbacks life hands over to you. Look at it this way-you are destined for something even better.
Care not always what the others say or think about you. People have no better work most of the time than to actually point out the faults into other’s actions. Even after you are long gone, people will remember you for all the wrongs that you did than the right things you did in life. Who knew what the future holds? Only the wise ones, who would never care to reveal it. Life is an uneven highway, with enough potholes and speed-breakers to hold you back. But should you sit back and take it easy, or rather would you keep flowing, for all energy keeps flowing till it is balanced, with balance in this case being finding true bliss?
Make sure that you follow your heart, being fully aware of who you truly are, and success will truly kiss your robe. Or else, you can continue to rot into total anonymity in the pits of time.


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