Discourse in an Unsteady Framework - Some Thoughts

One of the major ways to scuttle discussion in any reasonable format is to confuse the discourse. Of course, it does it help when the party to the discussion is itself incoherent in its positioning and stance on things and instead chooses to be reactionary. Reactionary isn't necessarily bad; it is however an exhibit of perceived weakness and a positive example of lack of preemption on the part of the exhibitor to see potential challenges emerging to its presence. What complicates it further is the presence of a certain level of fluidity - an overall structural body is not merely enough often times to get the desired level of coherence in discussion. This makes arguments stand oftentimes on slippery slopes -  you may feel your own position weak and against intuition.

However, this shifting sand also allows us to fabricate positions and answers that can help to justify things seemingly off mark. It is essential to remember that the outer bounds is just a starting point of your position. The movement has to be rather inwards instead of finding ways in which one can stretch the boundaries.
Think of the position framework akin to the self digesting cells that constitute all creatures; only that these cells are amoebic in nature. This analogy also shows the natural instinct of a shape shifting system of sorts - the ability to excrete what is unnecessary, toxic, or inhibiting in nature holding back evolution of thought. That does not alter the framework of thought; rather it also serves to identify the purpose and realize its continued relevance even in changing circumstances.

Such recognition helps one realize important axioms. The limitation of universality of any framework is not necessarily true. This has importance in realizing the relation of an antagonist vis-à-vis you. Another important axiom to realize at that time is the similarities within the framework despite claims to it otherwise - solidarity in diversity becomes a realization in comparative analysis of the various points within the nebulous framework. A third axiom of realization is the need to consolidate the various points and strengthen the relationships within the framework first instead of seeking fraternity outside. This will allow for thoughts to be populated across the board, so that answers with strength of logic and reason can be obtained and shared within. Finally, it helps to be unashamed of the identity that the framework provides to your person, which enables the demand of equity in treatment, as you can be a force to reckon with.  


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