Narendra Modi's words of another kind - Cutting through propaganda

No I am not defending Narendra Modi. I don't oppose him either. However, I think it is ridiculous when everyone takes it for granted that Narendra Modi has said nothing. Let us see a blog entry by ad world worker Preet Bedi put up on Firstpost as an article, and try to deconstruct what we have and what is not reported in an otherwise shrill mainstream media of our country.

1. What is Modi's big idea for India?
Modi has so far expressed two big ideas for India - Minimum government maximum governance is one, The other is 'Indian Talent' plus 'Information Technology' is equal to 'India Tomorrow'. To each its merit, but to say that he has said nothing is sheer injustice even by the Devil's standards.
2.  What is the Gujarat Model? Will It work for other states as well?
Gujarat model is one where the state administration does not depend on the Centre to ensure its development, as Tamil Nadu saw during much of India's independence. The Gujarat model is about doing something on your own. The Gujarat model will work when states are given enough independence and the leaders have guts to take tough decisions. No one asked them not to reform labour laws. His idea is letting the power go to the states.
3. Opposing the GST for all your reform bluster makes you look silly.
The so called stand on GST is a result of more Congress ruled states including now Karnataka dancing around the fire instead of talking concrete objections and concerns. Plus if you keep hounding ministers from Gujarat who represent the state you cannot have a steady ship from the state. Remember Amit Shah? Bail grants mean there is something not right about the case. If you do not agree with that, then neither Binayak Sen nor Abdul Madany is innocent.
4. What is his stand on Parliamentary obstructions?
Parliamentary obstructions are being caused by the ruling party. Please be honest about it. The media too has behaved liked morons and bought the government line lock stock and barrel. Why blame the Opposition when it is always the UPA members who rush into the well at the drop of a hat? Clearly not one 'journalist' watches Lok Sabha TV, else they would think before saying anything about 'Opposition' disrupting the Parliament. Yashwant Sinha has been heckled repeatedly at the behest of Sonia Gandhi. Is he in the government or she part of it?
5. Stand on Lok Ayukta in Gujarat
This one deserves an entire blog article on it, but suffice to say that the Lok Ayukta appointment was highly visceral. The Governor and the High Court Chief Justice's role was more than harmful to democratic spirit. Has anyone cared to read the SC verdict? It was upheld only because the Gujarat HC was involved. The judges of Supreme Court themselves criticized the manner in which the selection was done.
6. Perspective on the value of the Rupee
Rupee value has been a problem. It is easy to talk rhetoric. Any politician worth his salt will do that. Modi is no exception. However, he thinks it is important to expand the manufacturing base, hence he has stressed more on prices of essentials. Essentials and commodities being priced reasonably (not given away for free) will ensure that manufacturing can pick up within India. That also means that we need a smooth legal system, clearly not understood by 'economists' in North Block in Delhi.
7. Does he have a solution to the Ram Janmabhoomi problem?
BJP as a party is committed to the SC verdict in the Ram Janmabhoomi case. Even the RSS and VHP have said that they will respect the SC verdict. Why should it fiddle around otherwise? What have all those 'out of the box' solutions done so far? Nothing!
Regarding the author's complaints about not enough interviews, you just don't watch Hindi news channels. Watch them and you will see more of Modi's interviews. He is smart enough to talk to the 'aam aadmi'. Plus, his interview to Nai Duniya, the largest Urdu weekly, makes more sense than Arnab, Rajdeep and Barkha's total viewership put together and doubled over.
Criticize certainly; but ensure you have facts.


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