Delhi Technological University will never really be world class - Here's Why

Here's a sample of why the institution, from where I graduated, will touch global nadirs.

DTU is certainly one of the many educational institution in India that is run by the public administration that does not even possess a Complaint Register. This, when these institutes hire people through the government channels and follow those procedures, are run by money paid by taxpayers, and charge significant quantum of fees today (especially in the engineering colleges and MBA institutions). The Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi enacted THE DELHI (RIGHT OF CITIZEN TO TIME BOUND DELIVERY OF SERVICES) ACT, 2011 and enforced it the same year, but conveniently excluded educational institutions under its ambit from this Act. Thanks to this divine loophole, students run helter-skelter in hope of collecting relevant documents, ranging from transcripts to degrees to marksheets and even minor documents like a semester was dropped liked headless chicken. The laxity ensures that the lower level officials do not take your requests seriously. What is worse is that when the complaint is raised to higher levels, everyone gangs up to protect their turf and starts indirectly intimidating you. Sample this conversation piece verbatim I had on August 7, 2013 with Mr S.K. Garg, Dean (Academic) and Placement Cell Head at DTU concerning my complaint:

"...Main kya kar sakta hoon? (What can I do) If I set up an inquiry against the officials, I may even find fault with you....."

A transcript in DTU costs INR 1000 per copy. Comparing to the other institution, National University of Singapore (NUS) where I studied, this is 1.5 times higher. What makes it worse is the fact that NUS charged only for the postal charges, while the transcript was free (I paid SGD 6 for the transcript, which at the exchange rate of 48.29 stands at INR 289.73), whereas in DTU I not only pay for the transcript, I also have to post the sealed envelope myself.

The staff of all divisions in DTU think they are nothing less than God. Filing a complaint in writing means you are someone very 'hi-fi' in India, whose father must be some 'raees baap ki aulaad'. Forget past students, the absolute condescension in the tone of these people when talking to current students clearly highlights their contempt of the tensions and worries of students. Having seen other educational systems outside India, it is unbelievable to see just how rudely these employees behave.

Next comes inquiring from the college. As is the norm, the telephone lines either don't work or remain unanswered. The only functional number  is not the one displayed on the official website (which too has gone defunct now) but one that is listed in the Yellow Pages Directory. This functional number is for the office of the Vice Chancellor. The rudeness continues even there. Barring one or two people, everyone else remains permanently oblivious to change, and impervious to concerns of past and present students. Orientations are meant to bamboozle parents into believing that The Heavens have bestowed great honour upon their children of being the chosen one. Never mind that many of these children will have a harrowing time later with the same staff and administrators.


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