These three letters make so much of a difference to life
Reversing the order, so that fathers bury sons
And widows are made out of wives

And children lose fathers for no cause of theirs
And lovers lose lovers for no reason
And bodies pile up, with no destination
Lying within coffins of wood, metal or resin

While mothers lose children
On both sides of the divide
Yet none has the remorse for the other
"They did their duty, we are doing ours"
Is the common refrain

And while the bodies and its parts pile up
In planes, in cars and on trains
Wrapped in the country's flags, motionless they lie
As they are remembered for the first and last time
Only to be forgotten forever

And in prisons pile up prisoners
Who rot away ignored by their own people
While feeling uncomfortable when their kin question
"why did you ignore my father, my brother, my son?"

And tombs are raised
To mock the misery of human beings
And offer floral tributes on special days
While the other days it lies buried under heaps of dried flowers and leaves
Makes me wonder, if it was worth it to have wasted so much
Just so that we could all get some peace.


Kaber Vasuki said…
good man.. not great though.. :).. i liked the bit abt wives turning to widows and lovers dying..

Rohit katyal said…
hey nice work dude ,the last lines were quote good,but don't u think the prisoners thing has been dragged

if possible do check out my blog posted my first poem on blog

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