An Evening

The afternoon is hot and humid
And the soul and body wet
With the sweat trickling down my body
As I walk along the road, and everything is set
In the grand order of things that has been designed
By some forces unknown and benign
And hear the traffic honk and the people scream
As the afternoon passes across, pulling in the evening screen
The sun is going down, and evening approaches
While people start moving around again,as life enervates
On these earlier dead road alleys and pathways
That are the lifeline for the world enclosed in this tiny space
The temples ring bells, the minarets sound the azaan
To all faithful, come one come all
Come pay your obeisances to the One God
Seek his shelter humbly, for He hates none and forgives all
And people mill about, and traffic snarls begin
While the crows crow away, and sparrows begin to sing
Their voices drowned out in this strange cacophony
That the race of humanity causes which is called a din
The sun witnesses silently, as it changes its hues
The air reeks of poison which those cars on the street quietly breathe
And the dust of the day's memories begin to filter down
While the milling never really ceases
While the markets lit by those gas lamps come alive
And people scurry about haggling for the right price
While screaming vendors display their wares
Hoping that today their profits would be nice
And so carries on the evening each day
Until it merges into the night
And one wonders while glancing towards
That everything is just alright.


I am weak at poetry. Could'nt understand anything. But your poem is above average and below good. (As per my 'late' interest in poetry)

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