India Discovers Its Innate Hinduness in the Garb of Janata Curfew

The Janata Curfew witnessed on 22 March 2020 was more than a success. Glitches here and there apart, the manner in which an entire nation chose to stand up and acknowledge the people who help it was truly unprecedented. This is a moment that will be remembered in popular history and will become a part of folklore in the years to come, and will perhaps make Narendra Modi into a tour de force, a legend in some senses.

What made is very interesting to note however was the innate Hinduness of society that came out that evening at 5pm. It started five minutes earlier, but went on fifteen minutes. Whatsapp groups had already started to circulate the temple aarti bell and shankha sounds to play - not suprisingly, that was the predominant sound that people responded to with enthusiasm. The atmosphere was nothing short of eclectic. Those who have attended vibrant aartis would recall how the powerful sounds really vibrate with the aatma, making you go into a deep meditative state.

People joined in, playing their own shankha from their kitchens, pooja ghar, temples, and brought out their bells, big and small, along side plates and metal pans to add to the melee of sounds. It was as if a humongous aarti was ongoing to Devi Jagadamba, seeking Her blessings in the fight with the deadly pandemic that has taken the world into its fold in the most sinister way possible. In this aarti, the entire nation stood up to do their bit of the seva for Jagadamba, pleasing Her, the Kolahala Priya, to come and drive away all the evil, to chase it away to its destruction and to save Her children from the crisis.

Well yesterday, She did not disappoint, as the vibration and positive vibrations that one felt within did not disappoint anyone who wished to seek Her blessings. But what seemed clear yesterday was that India need not fear - its innate Hinduness will always give it reason to be joyous. And one man certainly has the nerve of this nation, and can connect to its people in ways unimaginable, such is he blessed.

Leaving you with the sight from my own society to end this post. And frankly those who were making fun of it - the joke's on you dolts.


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