Six Quick Takes from Today's Results of Maharashtra and Haryana

Results Have Thrown Up Some Trends (Courtesy Indian Express)

1. People are really upset on the issue of jobs. They won't vote for others, but they sat out on BJP. Hence the reduction in the vote share also can be seen compared to even last Vidhan Sabha elections. Many people have tried to cash upon it, but with limited success.

2. Caste factor wasn't entirely a problem, since voteshares haven't swung as much compared to the previous assembly elections. Sena and NCP don't get any more or less than each other. Clearly the vote shares haven't entirely changed for the smaller ones. BJP won more seats frankly last time because Sena caused four way fights. Similarly in Haryana, while Congress did gain compare to 2014, the real loss was for OP Chautala's INLD, which bled votes to everyone else.

3. Miracle leader Mr. Fadnavis should be credited to have managed three digit seats in Maharashtra despite two way fight this time. However, some of his wife's shenanigans have certainly not been appreciated.

4. Mr. Khattar deserves accolades just as much. Pre 2014 there was no party, just 4 seats for BJP. 2014 was won by Mr. Modi; 2019 saw Mr Khattar make BJP Haryana's single largest party.

5. Jats are for some more time going to remain out of the power game. They tried tactical voting but it clearly didn't work. Similarly, Marathas are in the fray but their Chief Minister aspiration isn't going to get resolved any time soon. Some level of caste polarization has happened within the states which cannot be ignored socially.

6. Agri distress is a serious challenge not getting resolved despite efforts. This issue will continue to haunt BJP like this in other states that have major farming communities.


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