Intellectualism - India's Longest Running Ponzi Scheme

Some time back, I was sitting in a posh, upscale restaurant in South Delhi, when I noted that one of India’s leading ‘intellectuals’, Arundhati Roy, had stepped in with a friend, and ordered perhaps one of the priciest things on the restaurant’s menu. It was quite interesting to note that she did not step out even once, given her bleeding heart for the poor and disadvantaged of India, to even share a part of that meal with a slew of beggars that walked around the market, let alone invite one of them to dine with her and her friend. Her friend too was evidently one of those white people tasked with searching poverty and atrocity stories in India – it was, as they say in the ‘cowbelt’ of India, a truly Ram Milayi Jodi. 

Cut to a few months back. I was dining, thanks to familiar people, with the head of one of India’s premier think tanks. All I heard was that Modi had destroyed India’s inclusive fabric, and the grave tone adopted by him and his wife seemed to suggest that lynch mobs were running after so called voices of dissent in India, comparing the period with 1984’s Sikh genocide in Delhi. While I chose to keep quiet on this one, I could not help but marvel how obfuscations are deliberately painted, ironical since his wife is a painter. 

Having worked in the development sector for nearly a decade, I cannot help but marvel to note the utter disdain and disgust that entrenched intellectuals of India have engendered for anyone who does not subscribe to their liberal, leftist views. Demonization of an entire grouping to the extent of vilification is the norm with this bunch. A previous employer essentially signed on to the release of the Congress’ manifesto, and its famous screechy head has been shouting herself hoarse on how democracy and dissent are under such grave threat, while she profits from being allowed to work by governments in states which are ruled by the very party she is supposedly campaigning against, even contributing in fact to the Congress’ manifesto. The truth of the matter remains that India’s liberal intellectual class is the longest running ponzi scheme, some of them harking back to almost seven decades now. This intellectual class essentially harbours the same set of people who have benefited the most from the entrenchment of the Congress loyalists and acolytes, being allowed to create half baked solutions that have only caused greater chaos. Post the chaos comes the lament of anarchy, which is laughable, given how it comes from the original anarchists. 

Several examples of the same can be given right now, and I have had a fair share of arguments with people about it. The shock, horror and contempt for the world’s largest mid-day meal scheme is shameful to say the least, and is certainly not backed by any data. Has any one of these scamsters even done a health analysis of the beneficiaries of Akshaya Patra? No, but the absence of eggs is nothing less than the wrath of Zeus for these fakers. Several NGOs had bargained hard for the formation of the National Green Tribunal, and had in fact agreed to let it be a body that can only undertake civilian action. This is nothing less than criminal, given how a huge chunk of environmental challenges directly lead to impacts on human lives. However, a coterie of lawyers, activists and former judges had convinced the likes of Jairam Ramesh to create even greater toothless bodies that will create greater anarchy in the system. 

The worst of the lot has been the Right to Education. Look at all these NGO reports on reading and writing skills, where students only seem to be getting worse. Well, who is responsible for this? Some of the most ‘prominent’ education rights activists are themselves associated, if one looks carefully, to minority institutions who were exempted from it. Not just that, they essentially killed new schools by bringing in conditions about sizing, student teacher ratio and facilities that would lead to the closure of nearly half of all government run schools if extended to them. Another example of terrible activism by the ponzi artists is the manner in which they have opposed even the most sensible of legislation on the pretext of deficiency. Well, it takes much to be a visionary, and sadly, a large number of these people are essentially blind to the realities on the ground. Just a glance at some of these activists’ profiles shows that they are grossly inadequate in training and understanding of a large number of things. These people turn on the spin of money, given the grants coming in from large donor agencies of different countries, to topics that are of interest to them. Scan through any of the publications of these organizations or their websites, and search for the foreign diplomats interviewed by them – that is the smoking gun you need to spot the trail of money. 

Contempt for the ‘subaltern’ is even more annoying, but is cleverly disguised with jargon and rants. Hindi is a medium of instruction for the Lutyen acolytes meant for the fools and those who cannot think for themselves. Just look at their salary structures – not a rupee in salary, but reimbursements for business class travel and dining and residence in plush hotel properties, while asking their employees to stay in dharamshalas or at friend’s places, traveling in non-AC train compartments to save the world. Paying them peanuts, an entire gamut of pretentious mafia has been propped up in India. They cannot tolerate counter questioning, and can especially call any criticism of them and their third grade ideas as a threat to free speech. So if they now make a call to save Indian democracy, they should frankly just buy a one-way ticket to Corsica, which many of them love, and just reside there forever, sparing India and Indians to their fate and machinations. I am not saying anything that is not known; however, the limit to tolerate garbage was frankly exceeded long back. Enough of their pseudo-intellectualism, frankly. India truly deserves better.


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