The Problem of Pretentious Right Wingers

Of late, we have been seeing too many pretentious right wingers, who are essentially liberal wolves in the proverbial sheepskin, running around in awe of Dr B R Ambedkar. The group has no qualms in also placing him on a pedestal, claiming him to be the real father of modern India. This kind of fawning is utterly pretentious, completely devoid of facts, and misses out or ignores several inconvenient facts about the times, his political leadership and calculative decision making, and instead credits him with much more than is necessary. There are quite a few examples that could be highlighted about the role Dr Ambedkar truly played pre-1947, between 1947-50 and in the later periods. Suffice to say though that he was the last person who could be trusted, given his ever shifting stand on several topics. We may quote Ambedkar on his thoughts and views about Muslims, but he had openly advocated the partition of India, saying Indians would be better off without Muslims, utterly disregarding the legitimacy of Hindu claims - liturgical, ancestral and cultural - on the areas that had to be foregone as a result. It is also a fact that his role in the temple entry agitations of the nineteen twenties and thirties was marginal at best; instead, it was the likes of Savarkar who bore the stones and sticks and broke their bodies to fight for Dalit rights. Also, deification of Dr Ambedkar has been at the cost of those who did not speak the divisive language of the time, especially the likes of M C Rajah of Madras Presidency.

One can grant him the status of an original thinker, yes. However, to say that perhaps he was some saint of his time is laughable - by this very stretch of discussion, the deification of MK K Gandhi should not be a problem for any of these folks as well. The Dalits working within the Congress fold should rather be feted, for they understood that the issue of casteism is different from the social reality of caste, and that western liberal notions of the time were utterly unsuitable for the country’s times, and continue to remain so. Even today, the powerful symbolism and message of equality that a Muni Vahana Seva with its divine impact has across the society does much more than burning copies of obscure books that nobody knows of and hardly anyone even in the orthodox community follows for the cause of ending caste discrimination. All those advocating liberal nonsense today must reflect upon themselves and ask - if there was indeed a problem of casteism to that extent, why are all these folks still Hindus? The answer lies in the multiple attempts to fight casteism that have arisen time and again across this country, giving legitimacy and respect to people belonging to all jatis and varnas irrespective of their status. This also shows the limitations that Ambedkarism of today, which is fast becoming the new socialism (“nobody does it correctly!”), in truly making an impact. Consensus, not confrontation, has always been the path of this nation, whether we like it or not. The sooner it is realized, the better.

This brings me to the core problem - the liberal right. Liberal and right cannot go together in the first place - such terminology is oxymoronic, and is like a stillborn baby that has zero chance of revival. These folks are essentially liberals who have nothing more to do than to change their skin colors with the change of political fashion. Their core belief was never surrounding the right wing’s true core values of respect for tradition and society - in fact, they are right only with respect to the hand that they eat their food with. The only time they respect anything core is when there is a need for gaining more Twitter followers. Sharing almost all of their ideals with the left wing, these so called liberals are worse than the fascists right wingers are made out to be, for they call out any attempts to call the bluff of political correctness as whataboutery, which they accuse the leftists of. Truth is bitter for them, and they will toe arguments that mostly come from the leftist school of pedantry and bigotry. If Dalit hatred to the extent of xenophobia for upper castes is fine, how can there be a problem with Hindu hatred of similar extent for Christians and Muslims? They will change their colours at the drop of a hat to stay in the good books of the very people they can potentially secure money with, throwing the ones who have shouted for them all this while under the bus, while claiming victimhood when their deception and linguistic subterfuge is called out.

It is therefore in our own opinion that we desist from giving these very people the oxygen of fandom and followership that allows them to thrive. Turncoats that most of them have always been, there should be no attempts to ally on common causes either - they are essentially fighting a different battle on an alien terrain that the right wing has no footing in. Semantics and false equivalency is all that will come your way, should you choose to engage with these frauds, who can only be sycophants waiting from crumbs to fall from the table. Hindus need to stop displaying self flagellating tendencies and totally reject such toxic degeneracy, for their own good.

If they have any self respect left, that is.


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