Friday, January 13, 2017

Code Red

Woke up at six
To find a moonlit sky
It was still dark out there
The silences still hung bare
And the roads led nowhere

Switched on the phone
A message beeped out loud
It was you, again
You tried to call, signal failed
I felt real depressed

I know where you were
So don't try pretend otherwise
"It's not what you think," you said
But the lies, they dropped dead
Like them birds in the sky

O I've been tryin' to recover
From your toxic love, and failed
The venom is potent, they said
But the tears, they otherwise said
Betrayal by that special, code red

They played Baez on the radio
But I wanted Chaan instead
To hear sorry, that ne'er was there
The guitar kept getting picked instead
And the mood lasted long

And I lay there, cryin' my heart away
We'll never talk again, I said
Deleted all messages that were there
Wiped my face dry and said
"It's a new day"

The sun was out,
it had an orange glow that time,
The darkness started fading away
The morning has walked in now
And hope was renewed again

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