Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Next Move

Two steps have been taken
One more to take
Bringing down the empire
There lies the big stake

Hints are strewn across the board
What the next step may be
Few clues come up repeatedly
Discerned those who be

Will the leader's scribbles come alive
Will it cause mayhem
Will it reveal the Moriarty
That controls the white piece?

Will it be the King's checkmate
That shall be the downfall
The players and pawns get exposed
Will the empire's fractures come to fore?

Will it be the scribe's musings
Which shall swallow its creators
And draw them in a maelstrom
That sucks in like a blackhole?

The answer is in the hands of the player
Sitting quietly on the other side
Stay, observe, chat, pray tell me
What the next move could be

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