Sunday, April 27, 2014


You who seek salvation
Will That come to you?
No It won't heed your call
Till you look inside of you
Let not that hatred, that sorrow
Bind you down to this rue
Key not that anger, that jealousy
Darken your vision and block your view
Free your self in this moment now
The world will have a different hue
Open those eyes to the Invisible, for how
Shall you drink that sight, that Immortal Brew?
Reach out within, embrace thyself
Then will you be your own
Rise shall you from those ashes
Like a phoenix doors, all new
So what if few can get there
Why should that stop you?
That is what you truly yearn
Act not like a shrew
Joy comes to those who are brave
Fear not what you not knew
Let the light of love flow bright
And truly free from this world
Shall be you.

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