Sunday, April 14, 2013

Taking the First Step

You there!
What you mean to say
When you spin around
That bowl of clay?

Are you looking at me
Trying to reach out to me?
Sounds do not come my way
So just mime it out today

What? Are you hungry?
Come! let us eat merry
Let us enjoy this day today
Like there will be no other day

Why? Are you scared of something?
Is it me? Or a discriminatory feeling?
Your silent face haunts me all day
While anything I speak pulls no weight

Why do you walk away?
Am I of no interest to you?
Wait! Let me come your way
Who knows, what it leads to?

Huh! You say it is difficult?
So what; it ain't so; Anyway
I walked alone a hundred miles
Maybe I'll learn from this first step today.

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