A Law in Her Name? How Low Can We Get?

There is something special about Shashi Tharoor and his ability to put his foot in the mouth when it comes to saying all the wrong things, while pretending to be messiah like. Then again, it perhaps stems from his Stephanian legacy which he shares with equally iconic people like Mani Shankar Aiyer, Rahul Gandhi, Sandeep Dikshit, Barkha Dutt and a list that makes me shudder (except Ramchandra Guha). This time around, Mr. Tharoor, Human Resources Development Minister in the Government of India, has said that we should name a law after the victim of the gruesome inhuman act, as a mark of respect to her bravery. I mean, just how low can someone, who has served at the very top levels of international diplomacy, stoop in their thoughts?

What has alarmed me even more though is this whole battery of Limousine Liberals for whom it seems a great idea. There could have been no better a sign of intellectual bankruptcy in our 'intelligensia' than the support that some of these liberals had made. I remember the same set of people gunning for a certain politician from the banks of the Sabarmati when he had caustically remarked about a 50 crore girlfriend. What these elite men and women fail to figure out is a simple fact - you cannot buy people's conscience by throwing peanuts such as this at the people.

The people on the streets are not monkeys dancing to your tunes, much to your rude shock and horror Mr. Tharoor. They may be looking for a law, but what good will a law named after a girl do, when its implementation is going to be as shoddy as the so called law and order machinery is today? The mentality of this Limousine Liberal clique reeks of their absolute disconnect from reality and the mood of the people. Mr. Tharoor and his ilk need to roam around Delhi for one day without the average 20 officers dedicated to him, and only then will he realize just where does he live. Instead of giving fancy, long winding, innovative names to laws, which seems to be the favorite hobby of our politicians, one could do better with better preventive policing, swift dispensation of justice and creating a sense of security in this country.

We are not fools Mr. Tharoor. So stop being a fool yourself. If I talked to you in the parlance of today's youth Mr. Tharoor, I would say this -

Your idea sucks Mr. Tharoor! Get a life!


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