Is This What People Protested For?

Fifteen lakh rupees? Is that the value of a woman's body, mind and soul?

Our government seems to have shown, as has always been the mentality of the ruling elite, to value a dead woman. This shows how they are no different from the Taliban and khap panchayats, who indulge in somehow think that
  • Eating chowmein induces rape
  • Women's clothes induce bad behavior in men
  • Educated women are a danger to this world
There has been an utter failure of administration on all fronts, and this government, nay, most governments, have behaved like a rudderless ship when it comes to managing law and order in our society, our country. Law and order is restricted only to Lutyens' Delhi, Chandigarh and the seats of power that we see everywhere. And yet, why should we forget that the very ruling elite expressing sorrow has remained silent time and again, when violence against women has been seen at the very highest levels, in the corridors of power? Why was Karunanidhi never asked to apologize when he tried to derobe Jayalalitha in the Assembly? Why did Mayawati and Rita Bahuguna Joshi got away so lightly for valuing the dignity of women in the name of petty politics? Why should Sardar Prakash Singh Badal not be asked the reasons for giving molesters and eve teasers tickets for corporations and state legislatures?

I don't know if I can even call this a positive or a negative, for it shocked me so, but there have been twenty five cases of violence against women (yes, rape is nothing but violence of the most brutal form against women) reported to the police. Should it have taken place when there is such heightened attention on crimes against women? Making one case 'rarest of rare' will not solve the problem; nor will according death sentences. What will solve the problem is when three out of four rapists stop getting acquitted for lack of sufficient evidence, when judges stop coaxing victims to marry rapists, or suspend cases because a marriage takes place, and when cases stop getting dragged for decades, forget years.

What gets me angry is the fact that people start playing the same old games of women are safer in X than Y. Honestly, that is nothing but complete hogwash. Ask the women in these 'safe' cities and states just how many times they have been leered, jeered, touched, groped and molested. It is everywhere - the sense of shame however prevents women from talking about it, forget reporting. In the end, this stupid and flawed social set up tells our women, among the weakest members of our society, that they were 'wrong'. Honestly, some of these geriatric idiots could drown themselves for all I care, one would assume; unfortunately, a lot of the current generation too thinks thus.

Stop this quibble for God's sake, and look carefully under the carpet, for the very foundation of this country has rotted. It has been gnawed by the termites of our vacillation, ineptitude and shameful silence on crimes against those who cannot fight back for themselves. It is time a fundamental change in our souls is searched for.

Wake Up My Rulers! If we give you power, we can take it back from you as well.
Wake Up My Countrymen! Learn your own true power.
Wake Up My Nation, out of your deep slumber.


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