India Against Corruption, a Political Party? A Welcome Idea

Much sewage has flown in the channels of the Yamuna, and several hours have been wasted trying to discredit Anna Hazare and his 'team' (though they do not have a lot to their credit except for their work). News has now said that these guys will enter politics. In my opinion they already were in politics, though their contest in the electoral foray is certainly welcome.
It makes sense that they contest. In this age of live Lok Sabha telecasts, it would make sense for them to come into the Parliament and expose the corrupt deeds of the people who are disconnected from the ground reality. Till now, they had just an urban audience; they can now get even the rural audience's attention. Moreover, all they need to win elections is the anti-corruption agenda. The urban voters are angry and need the kind of alternative that this group can provide.In this day of coalition governments, even a handful of seats can make a huge impact. My personal assessment is that IAC can win about 20-30 Lok Sabha seats in the urban centers based on appropriate candidate selection, and that is good enough to wreck havoc in Parliament, where they can force parties to toe their line without much difficulty. Moreover, all political outfits would have to treat these guys with more respect and be more cautious as the people will speak with their ballots if IAC gives them a chance.


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