Railway Budget - The Drama that is Mamata

The hoopla that Mamata Bannerjee and her coterie has created today over the Railway Budget 2012 is clearly targeted towards her West Bengal audience. The kind of drama and sulking happening now clearly points to one of the three points:
  1. Mamata is cornering UPA-II to concede a package for West Bengal of about INR 8000 crores that she has been demanding for the past one year, else she continues to embarrass the government.
  2. This shall be used as an excuse to pull out of the UPA-II so as to save her vote share from eroding by continued alliance with the Congress
  3. There is a possibility of formation of the imaginary third front as is being projected by media moguls and so called rooters of a non Congress non BJP 'secular' alternative.
So much drama for nothing. This is ridiculous. One cannot continue to blackmail the government at the cost of destabilizing the country. For once I stand by the current government. Why do the employees of Indian Railways do not seem to be the aam aadmi to these buffoons? Who will pay for their salaries? West Bengal does not have to rely on an income unlike Railways, which clearly shows that Mamata might rather see Railways become another Air India than let it be saved and get this country's economy back on track.


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