Carbon Tax and all that.....

Well I was at an event today (I will not say where) and I was hearing these two Australians talk about the carbon tax debate that has split Australia right down the middle. It was a fascinating discussion as I overheard them, as they kept saying that it was about a terrible goof-up and a media fiasco of the Australian federal government that led to this mess in the country.
To hear people discuss the impact of green issues on national politics was both an assuring as well as a scary prospect. It was assuring to see how Australia's national debate has been revolving around green issues. This is not to belittle other issues, but countries with such unique environment as Australia should certainly be discussing environmental issues with increasing realization that all issues of development come back and link to the issues of the environment. Moreover, what impressed me even more was the fact that some of those very eager to see the tax to be brought in were entrepreneurs who see it as an opportunity for the economy to move towards greatness.
The scary bit however was the media fiasco that has been playing out, which has led to complete destabilization of the political process. To see a move that still has majority support across the country generate such heated arguments is worrisome. It is worrisome because that shows the negative role that ill-informed media tends to play out often in these debates (though who pays for them needs definite investigation). What worries me is the manner in which blind political opposition occurs for the sake of opposition instead of having a constructive dialogue.
Australia's concerns are those of a developed country trying to find its footing and its relevance in the environmental arena. However, it is a worrisome trend to see the amount of political instability that is being generated b blind political opposition that does not heed to rational environmental action that is urgently required to save our future.


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