Death, You Have Been an Experience

I was driving the car. Having just dropped my mother and brother, I was turning around a sharp bend when a car came around and hit me hard. It jolted me out of my senses, and I was stunned by its impact.
I got out of the car at that moment to see the rear totally mangled, looking like a piece of waste metal that is of no use to the smelting workshops and gets discarded. Anger boiled over as I walked in search of the person responsible for it. There were minor bruises on my forehead luckily, and just thenI saw the man, standing there, inspecting the wreck of the car.
"You! How dare you do this to me and my car!" I shouted at the driver, running towards him lest he ran away.
He looked at me, surprised, as if he had seen a ghost. "I'm sorry madam, but its not my fault. Believe me, I was just sitting by the side and eating some chocolate cookies."
He was scarred on the forehead with a big gash, and yet the man had the gumption to pretend that he wasn't responsible. I was not gonna let him get away so easily, and before long we were both in a police station, with the police officer looking at us nonchalantly.
"Why are you not arresting him? He nearly killed the both of us due to his rash driving," I spoke, as a few relatives of the man streamed in.
"But sir, I had been eating and not driving. It was someone else. Wait, let me show you," he said, while he fished into the purse of one of his female relations, and brought out a gold foil mess. "See, I told you so," he said, "I had just handed it over when it happened sir."
"Why are you letting the dead tell you what to do sir?" he screamed.
"Dead? Who's dead?"
"You are madam. Its been more than a year now, and you turn up at the police station every night," spoke the constable quietly.
The world just swam in my eyes, as I tried to bear the shock. Am I really dead, I thought, when all of a sudden, a faint voice started calling me towards itself.
"She's opening her eyes," someone said in a distant sort of way.
"Thank God."
I opened my eyes, and all of a sudden immense pain surrounded me. I was in a hospital, bedridden. The doctor was checking on me, and was smiling when I recognized everyone around me.
"You are quite a remarkable person. You were dead for about a minute just now," he said.
Its been a year since then. I taught myself that life needs to be enjoyed fully, as if there will never be a tomorrow. It suits none to crib about what you do not have. Instead, rejoice over what you have, and remember, the thing that matters the most is your family, I once remarked to a set of friends with whom I was drinking wine.
"Get up you oaf. Will you never end your sleep?"
I got up, shocked. So it was just a dream. Or was it my life at another plane of existence? I will never be able to answer that, even as the sun blinded me teasingly with its bright rays of light.

(P.S. This was a dream I just had in the morning. I wonder what it means.)


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